Friday, 26 December 2014

Five days ago saw The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Quite enjoyed it. Both of Benedict's villains taken down surprisingly quickly. Though Saruman doesn't fight Sauron as the trailer seemed to show. But still, impressive seeing the White Council fight the Nazgul and Sauron.

Some of Thorin's madness, such as the Not a Single Coin where he is meant to be like Smaug can look silly. Alfrid's villainy can be a bit over-the-top, down to hiding money while wearing a dress. Radagast didn't appear as much as I would have liked. Still, quite a battle. Elves, Men, Dwarves, Orcs and Eagles. Dain was quite amusing, with his foul mouth and headbutts. Amusing seeing the various Trolls, Trolls with catapults, a Troll with a small hand, a Troll with weapons instead of limbs. Legolas's actions are a bit over-the-top, running up stones, agile leaps, but he is supposed to be a great Elf warrior. Great seeing the eagles fly in with Radagast and Beorn skydiving while skin-changing.

As ever in Tolkien the best you can manage is a Bittersweet ending. Fili and Kili's deaths are suitably tragic. Good they kept in Thorin forgiving Bilbo before his death. Unfortunate Dain's coronation isn't in the theatrical edition. They don't establish what happens to the wealth of Erebor and the Arkenstone. Still, ending ties nicely into Lord of the Rings. Overall, despite some problems, a very enjoyable film.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Two days ago saw The Old Gods and the New. Quite tense seeing whether Jon would execute the Wildling. An addition to the already huge cast. In Qarth could understand the Spice King's thoughts. Found his style like that of someone overacting on life. Interesting hearing the thoughts of Tywin. Is he a harsh man as he doesn't want his family to fail like his kind father almost made happen? Very tense scene when Baelish was talking to Tywin while Arya tries to avoid him, left ambiguous how much he sees. Tenseness continues in Harrenhal with Arya trying to stop Lorch showing the paper to Tywin and Jaqen killing him just in time. Amusing that. We see the truth of Machiavelli saying a Prince must never be hated, as King's Landing turns against Joffrey. Tyrion and the Hound show some heroism as they rescue Sansa from the rioters. Shocking when Daenerys finds her men dead and her dragons stolen. Looks like that Voldermort guy from last episode wasn't trustworthy.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Three days ago saw The Return of the King. Annoying Saruman's death was cut from Theatrical edition, considering how important he is. The death scene was very well done though. The music is, as ever, excellent. The endings do drag, but I agree with cutting the Scouring of the Shire. Arwen given more character, which is good, going back to Rivendell after seeing her son, prompting Elrond to reforge Narsil and tell Aragorn of the Army of the Dead. Denethor jumping from Minas Tirith while on fire does look a bit silly. Battles still very impressive. Liked Peter Jackson's cameo as Corsair Boatswain. The Army of the Dead is a great addition, they look impressive. Pelennor Fields Battle also good, the music as the Rohirrim charge is so wonderful. Though charging at Oliphaunts does not seem the best of tactics. Still, Eowyn slaying the Witch-King of Angmar (Sindarin for Iron Home) is great scene. Though her romance with Faramir not as well done as book. The Fall of Sauron, as the ring is destroyed and Barad-dur falls, is such a wonderful scene. Ending suitably bittersweet, which is the best that can be achieved in Tolkien's Work.
Overall, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy is truly epic and one of the best film series. Later today will see The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Look forward to that. Though still hope to eventually see The Silmarillion adapted.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Three days ago saw The Two Towers. Great film. Scene with Aragorn screaming after kicking helmet more amusing when you know Viggo Mortensen broke two toes when kicking this. Battle of Helm's Deep great battle, even having cameo from Peter Jackson. EE had that nice scene where Faramir asks if the man fighting for Sauron really was evil, based on dialogue from the book. More drama in Faramir originally deciding to take the ring to his father. Scene showing Denethor and his sons certainly adds more to Boromir and Faramir. Nazgul scene quite tense. Of course Gollum is a very interesting character. Sam can seem quite mean when he criticises Gollum, especially after he catches rabbits. Good showing there is good in Gollum, but his bad personality is too strong. Quite dramatic when the Ents, after seeing what Saruman did to Fangorn, march to Isengard and wreck the place, like a party was advertised on Facebook. Sam gives a great speech. Wonder if that was inspired by WWI.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Four days ago saw The Ghost of Harrenhal. Quite surprising having Renly killed. But still dramatic. Brienne swearing allegiance to Catelyn also exciting. Would like to see how events play out for them both. Events moving up to attack on King's Landing by Stannis, land and sea. However interested in where this wildfire is leading. Looking forward to seeing next ep, and see what the Iron Islands have planned for Winterfell. Considering Bran's dream about Winterfell being flooded events seem ominous. I was quite interested in whether Daenerys would choose Xaro. Jorah may have talked her out of this but how else will she attack King's Landing? In Harrenhal great scene from Charles Dance as he works out Arya is Northern and she tells him "Anyone can die." Arya has two murders left. Which of the names she recites will she choose?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Three days ago saw Garden of Bones. Robb still winning battles, like him for his treatment of prisoners. Better to treat your prisoners well, makes surrender more attractive. Joffrey, of course, acts monstrously. Good his Uncle is able to save Sansa. The beating prostitute scene was chilling though, further highlighting Joffrey's sadism. This King is quite like a certain Marquis. His Grandfather seems more intelligent, recognising Arya is a girl. Wonder if Qarth's name comes from Carthage. Interested in knowing motives of Xaro in helping Daenerys. Littlefinger tries his usual scheming. Now he tries to play the traitor for Renly. The Baratheon brothers against each other. Shows charisma can often win over right. Quite a scene where Melisandre gives birth to that shadow creature. Reminds me of the Necromancer in Dol Guldur. Another exciting episode.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Two days ago saw extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring. See Concerning Hobbits, more of Moria and the Departure of Boromir. Understandable they show more of Saruman, considering Sauron doesn't appear much. Of course, Sauron not being there in person is done well. He is more terrible not being seen save at the beginning, with his eye searching for the Ring and his terrible voice "I see you." Excellent film.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Yesterday saw GOT S2 E2-3. Not much of the Khaleesi, but there are many more characters to follow in the War of the Five Kings. Liked seeing Tyrion's asserting himself at court, having the Goldcloak leader thrown out of King's Landing. Amusing seeing his deception to find his sister's spy and having Pycelle arrested. Interesting hearing the discussion between him and Varys on power.

I am interested in Stannis, as he seems more moral then quite a few other characters.Though unsurprising his younger brother has more support, as Renly is more charismatic and dynamic then him. Suppose giving woman position also makes him more likeable to audience. Though will be interesting seeing how his relationship with House Tyrell plays out.

Not liking the royalty of the Iron Islands, they seem like jerks. The girl is behaving like Cersei with her trick on her brother. The Iron strategy is good in one respect, attacking while the Starks army is away, not good in another, that they are fighting the North and not coming to terms, and they seem more caught up in revenge. Though considering he had most of his sons killed this is understandable. "We do not sow" indeed. Dramatic moment seeing the burning of the letter.

Would be interested to know what happens to the boys taken North of the Wall. Hope the "wife" is met again.

Feel the men Arya Stark released from the cage will be Chekhov's characters. She is another one of my favourite characters, showing cunning as she convinces the Lannister's thugs they already killed Gendry. Will she and Gendry escape?

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Began Season 2 of GOT 3 days ago. Would have liked to see more of Daenerys. But there is a lot happening. Joffrey seems to be turning into Nero, his mother unable to control him. At least he is not undergoing a Draco in Leather Pants treatment, the fandom know he is a Medieval Caligula, but with a better-spoken Uncle. Horrific ending, as Joffrey tries to wipe out Rob's true children. As Littlefinger showed his mockingbird I gave the whistle. Now I wonder if this is what happened to Panem. We see Stannis Baratheon is claiming the throne. Meanwhile in the North the fight goes on. Stannis shows some more prudence then Ned in sending the news of Joffrey's parentage across Westeros. Who will be King?

Sunday, 23 November 2014

51st anniversary of Doctor Who. To celebrate released another two chapters of Game of Doctors, Disyo-2 and Master-World. Also released first 2 chapters for new fanfic The Gathering of the Doctors, Shoreditch and Telos, which shows the Doctors before they get caught up in The Day of the Doctor. Listened to The Time Machine, Finale to Destiny of the Doctor arc which was released for the 50th anniversary. Received and listened to it precisely a year ago, before watching The Day of the Doctor.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Three days ago finished GOT Season 1, with ep9 and 10. Not especially surprising what happens to Sean Bean, but still shocking when Joffrey has Ned Stark executed, after a confession is forced from him. Interesting hearing Tyrion's story of how he found love and lost it. He continues to be a great character. His father is an unpleasant figure. Meanwhile across the sea evident bad things will happen from the deal with the witch to save Drogo.

An appearance from David Bradley. Quite a loathsome figure here. But we see difficult choices must be made, with the arranged marriages. At the wall good moment having Jon talk to Aemon Targaryen. Which way will he choose? Many stories, but all interesting.

Ep10. Joffrey further demonstrates his cruelty quickly, having the singer's tongue cut out and forcing Sansa to see her father's head. Heard of George Bush controversy over heads but hard to see. Good to have Sansa gain some strength in insulting Joffrey. Though when he said a King shouldn't hit his lady I worked out someone else would do it for him. Meanwhile Arya is escaping King's Landing. Will she meet Jon? As for Jon good to see some debate over whether to help his family or the Watch. Look forward to seeing more on the White Walkers.

Tywin seems to be appreciating Tyrion with the favourite son gone. Sure with Tyrion and his sister-son we can expect some good scenes. Tense as Jaime shies from telling Catelyn why he tried to kill her son. When will the twincest come out? Dramatic moment hearing the cry of King in the North. The Starks are now openly rebelling against King's Landing.

Upsetting to see Daenerys having lost so much, her child dying to save her husband who is catatonic. But can see some logic from Mirri, the stallion will burn no cities and she had endured much hardship. Still sad to see Daenerys smothering her husband. Dramatic ending as she emerges from the ashes with dragons. I look forward to next season.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

It really is astonishing how poor popular culture has history.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Four days ago saw Ep8 of GOT. Quite amusing watching Tyrion turning being surrounded by Hill Tribes to his advantage, then introducing them to his father. That dwarf is a dangerous enemy. Not that I feel too worried for that creepy breast-feeding Lysa. Daenerys continues as likeable character, saving the women from enslavement. Dramatic scene for Syrio, helping Arya escape the Lannisters. Her killing the stable boy did feel rushed but still good and understandable instinct. Sansa isn't particularly interesting, with the Queen manipulating her. The Starks are moving for war against the Lannisters. Robb letting the scout go reminds me of story in Herodotus where Xerxes showed Greek spies his forces and let them go so they could scare the Greeks. As for events at the Wall, we now have the White Walkers, well-done scene with the zombies. The Lannisters and Starks are about to fight, Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne. But surely Sean Bean can't die.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Yesterday saw Ep7 of GOT. As Littlefinger was talking to the two whores my thoughts were focused on wondering how many countries this was banned in. Probably in North Korea. Of course in Korea they have things slightly different, the North is the place for violent, treacherous rulers, so they don't need the show. But I detract. The sexposition was distracting, not that I was interested in that. A Vegan can be distracted by long shots on sizzling meat.
Anyway, Edward IV... Robert dies. The connections to the 15th century conflicts in England become more prevalent. The King dies wanting the ruler of the North to become regent. His heir seems illegitimate, so the regent wants them deposed. But the Queen's Family doesn't support the King's will and want to rule through the new King. Ricardians must like this show.
First view of Tywin, Head of the Lannister Clan. Skinning a stag, SYMBOLISM.
Exciting seeing events across the Sea, with the try your own weapon trick that reminded me of the Arthurian story with Medea's cloak. And dramatic ending as Drogo declared war. The Dothraki will cross the Narrow Sea at last. Do not try anything against the Khal's Family.
Like Littlefinger's thoughts on Realpolitik. It's only treason if we loose. When he was talking about who the Goldcloaks would support in disputed succession I was thinking "He who pays them." Which is what happened. Dramatic end as Littlefinger betrays Ned. Seems the idealism of telling the Queen so she can protect herself doesn't work out. They may be honest and more loyal in the North (more like Richard) but they are unused to the backstabbing South. Being a Richard III supporter though part of the cynical, elitist self-deprecating South this appeals to me.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Death in Heaven. Like I thought, Missy killed Osgood, though still shocking. Effective in showing her as terrible villain. Though still odd how love can overcome Cyber-Processing. Not as bad as last time though. And maybe the sonic screwdriver made sure the emotional inhibitor wasn't working properly. Danny's speech of the Army of the Dead saving the world of the living, with the Doctor seeing the soldier isn't bad, could be seen as a nice tribute to what we remembered the next day. Though Army of the Dead reminded me of ghosts from Return of the King. Anyway, nice that the Brigadier was there. I first thought the Cyberman was Amy or Rory, but makes sense it would be the Brig. He saved his daughter, killed the Master (for this story) and the Doctor saluted him. Though on another note not clear how that boy was transported out. How did Danny have the teleporter with him? So you don't need to sing well to Mandos, have Superboy-prime punch the walls of reality or be the Joker, you just need to be wearing a teleporter when you die? And someone else can get out. Odd. But dramatic scene where Doctor sees Gallifrey isn't there and vents out his rage. Good companion departure, with Doctor and Clara lying to each other while hiding their sadness. And Santa Claus appearing at end. Quite an ending, leaning on the 4th wall. What will happen at Christmas?

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Thoughts for Death in Heaven. Seb is part of Missy's mind. Another Time Lord. The Rani. The city appearing will be connected to Gallifrey. The Time Lords are planning to escape that way. Rassilon is involved. Missy got out of Gallifrey through the painting, someone pointed out hand gripping side as Clara leaves was too far to be Clara. Rassilon might have enabled the Master's regeneration so they would help him. She is intending to be the Starscream. Missy will bring back companions as Cybermen to force the Doctor to kill them. Amy, Rory, Victorian Clara. Brig, to be cruel to Kate and 12. She will kill Osgood out of spite. The Doctor will be forced to kill Danny by destroying the Nethersphere. Due to that Clara will split. Or she will have to do it herself. Eventually she will learn to Let it Go. That song is good. Clara will die. Danny will come back somehow. Missy orchestrated their death to lure the Doctor in. The cloud will upgrade humanity. Reminds me of 8th Doctor comic story The Flood but that's another matter.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

GOT Ep 6 I saw yesterday. Gripping, as tension mounts between the Starks and Lannisters. Joffrey has hair of gold, not like King Robert. Odd that... Quite amusing as Tyrion confesses his crimes, he remains the best character. That boy at the Eyrie was quite creepy though, with his glee at fighting and flying. Unsurprisingly Viserys Targaryen died. Perhaps shouldn't have threatened the mighty Warrior Chief. When told he would get crown of gold suspected what would happen. Quite unlikable, for some reason reminds me of Feanor. Now Daenerys carries another Targaryen. Likeable character. Reminds me of Kriemhild, royalty married to barbarian lord who causes her brother's death.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Dark Water. I really liked it. Quite the Wham having Danny die, great pre-title sequence. And good acting from Jenna as she shows Clara's reaction to her boyfriend's death. Tense scene in volcano, seeing how far Clara would go. Looking back episode was slow-paced but I was kept interested.
The Nethersphere. Scary idea, being conscious. Find Seb an amusing character, with his Ipad. As for Danny I was surprised to find out his secret of accidentally killing a child, brings a lot to the character. Lot of drama, seeing him face the child, and Seb offering him a chance to erase emotions.
The reveal... The Cybermen were already known but of course good publicity. I didn't realise the beings in the tank were them though. Dramatic as the dark water lowered and the Cybermen are revealed, along with Clara's reaction to the tank in the office. Nice of them to recreate one of the most famous scenes of 60s Who, Cybermen advancing at St Pauls Cathedral. As for Missy... When you go on TV Tropes WMG you think up weird ideas. Maia of the Gold Guardian? At least I wasn't taking Freud's wonder drug. And I did have the idea that the Nethersphere was the Matrix. I wonder how Master able to gather characters from other times.
So, Mary Psychopompins was the Master. What a twist! A lot of people worked that out but still dramatic reveal. Hope we find out how they escaped Gallifrey. As I put down on TV Tropes S8 WMG he (or perhaps she) may have escaped through the crack in TTOTD. Found out in book last year Harvest of Time that one of Master's incarnations female. Interesting. The part where Missy pretended to be a welcome droid was quite amusing. Gomaz plays that pyschotic nature well, such as telling Chang how sorry she is she will kill him. And the usual glee with revealing her identity.
Finally, after three years, a two-parter. Moff said in DWM the problem with two-parters is the second part living up. Which I certainly agree with. (TSE/JE) No next time trailer. Know that UNIT will be here next story. Will Doctor have to destroy Nethersphere and kill Danny to save world? Overall good first part. Slow-paced but interesting. And finally an alliance between Master and Cybermen (in The Five Doctors that wasn't the main event). Look forward to part two.

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Missy doesn't seem to have been doing much throughout the series, in the Forest being a Chorus like the ghosts from Stardust. The Robots trying to reach the Promised Land seems the closest to this arc actually affecting the stories. But the trailer looks exciting. Cybermen and UNIT. The Doctor in what looks like Hell. And Missy says the Doctor knows who she is. Who is this Mary Psychopompins?
Ideas are the Master, Rani (one of her experiments and they could say in memory of Kate O'Mara), Valeyard (a being like the Watcher), River Song (in the Library?), someone else in the Library, Romana, Susan's Grandmother, a relative, another Time Lady (agent of Rassilon), Tasha Lem or someone connected to the Papal Mainframe (they can apparently notify the afterlife), a version of the TARDIS (gone evil like in Zagreus), another companion, something from the Matrix (personified thoughts), a being similar to the Hypothetical Gentleman of IDW, a version of Clara, a construction of the Cyberiad, the Moment, Death, Time, a Maia of Mandos, a Maia of the Guardians, a rebellious Maia like Sauron (rebellious Disciple of Light?), one of the Guardians (Gold is Life and Death), an Eternal, a Chronvore, a being from another dimension like the Boneless, something connected to Gus the Computer, G.I, some other Eldritch Abomination like the Animus or Fenric taking a form you are comfortable with, something like the Beast. The possible Hell in the trailer may be connected to that. For more ideas on Series 8 go to TV Tropes WMG page. Or is Seb the real villain and one of these? Will previous dead characters appear? Did a previous villain die and try taking over the Nethersphere, letting the Cybermen in? Is Seb the Half-Face man? Will Davros appear? Will anybody leave the Nethersphere? And she says the Doctor knows her but has he met her yet?
Anyway, I look forward to Dark Water. Which reminds me of the Game of Thrones episode Blackwater that beat Doctor Who for an award last year. I suspect this story will be submitted.
Episode 5 of GOT. Quite shocking when Mountain slew his horse. Lysa and her son were quite odd. See a less moral side to Robert as he wants to wipe out the Targaryens. And Renly is thinking of being King. The Starks and Lannisters are now against each other. How will events turn out?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Episode 4 of GOT. What happened to the last Hand? Nice little Whodunnit. Like Tyrion's statement about having a soft spot for cripples, bastards, and broken things. He is amusing as usual. Quite a dramatic ending for him. How will he get away from the Northerners?

Monday, 27 October 2014

In the Forest of the Night. Often children in shows are annoying. These weren't as annoying as usual. But the animals didn't feel needed. The part where the message is sent to the world felt a bit of a let-down. And Annabel appearing at the end felt a bit too happy. I understand if they want an occasional light and happy episode. But still don't think much. The episode started with quite a good concept, but as it went on there didn't seem much plot. Not much threat was felt, which is probably why the animals were there. Though the trees wanting to help was surprising. Some nice character building from Clara and Danny. Capaldi amusing as he copes with kids. Like the hint this is in the future, as we seem to be entering new dating controversy. Overall OK with character, kids not that bad, but plot not great, though get not meant to be too serious.

As for Missy she doesn't seem to have done much, just being a Chorus. But that trailer was exciting. Missy says the Doctor knows who she is and I will put more thoughts on her in another post.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Finished The Children of Hurin. Great story, agree with TV Tropes probabaly darkest and most depressing story in Middle-Earth canon. More should know of Narn i Chîn Húrin.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Saw Throne of Blood. Great adaptation of The Scottish Play. Asaji is a very sinister villain. The black and white filming really works for The Japanese Play.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Flatline was certainly a good story. Doctor-lite, reminiscent of Blink, though reminded me of audio The Condemned. Jenna really had a chance to shine, being the Doctor for most of the episode and having the brilliant plan to bring about the 2D monster's defeat. The monsters were excellent, a great premise to have 2D monsters. And quite amusing having the tiny TARDIS and the Doctor having to crawl along. And we see Missy again. Was she woman in shop? Just another two weeks to finale.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The perfect way to relax.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Yesterday finished The Lord of the Rings. Today finished the appendixes to The Return of the King. Quite incredible how much Tolkien put in, down to the Kings of Numenor, the languages, Shire years, and the line of Durin. Some time should read Unfinished Tales, The Children of Hurin and the 12 volumes of the History of Middle-Earth.

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mummy on the Orient Express. Decent. It had an excellent opening. Foretold was good foe and idea. Understand why BBC had to move this to later timeslot. Also liked how rather then dragging out the Mummy killing people the set-up is experiment to discover more on Mummy, which reminded me of Alien. Frank Skinner as Perkins was quite amusing. And I'm sure Foxes singing helped garner interest. Again the Doctor shows his harsh needs of the many nature rather then obsessing over saving people, leading to the usual tension with Clara. I rather like this Anti-Hero quality, the Doctor saying sometimes harsh choices are needed. But some of this episode felt a bit odd as last week Clara was really angry with the Doctor and now seems fine, making this episode feel like it should have been elsewhere in the series. And some of Clara's dialogue with the Doctor at beginning and end awkward. But overall the episode is gripping with the Agatha Christie/Horror Movie style, despite feeling slightly misplaced.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

With Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society at Royal Holloway saw Frozen. Now I know what my cousin is singing about. It was quite a good film. Let it go is quite an Ear Worm. And like how Elsa is a Princess (which I meant in a Machiavellian sense) who remains chaste. Felt comparisons to the X-Men. And like that the song Let it Go revels in applicability. However when mentioning Arendelle it kept making me think of Earendil the Mariner Elf. Great film. And a decent twist. Found Oaken and Olaf amusing.
Good article for Bond fans.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Kill the Moon. Well that was certainly quite multi-layered. Throughout this series we have seen more of the darker side of the Doctor. After the light-heartedness of last week we get a quite different story. It feels more adult, with the language and the morally complex story. It is realistic that humanity would choose their survival. The Doctor's actions lead to more strain, with him leaving the humans behind and as usual Capaldi gives a great performance. Spiders decent monster. Courtney puts aside the arrogant nature of last week and we see more character, as she is scared and debating on killing the creature. But scientific oddities, like the idea of the moon being an egg. That is literally a Super Friends plot. And the hatching creature laying another egg seemed a slight cop out. But ending was good. Finally we see Clara realise more the difficulties of travel with the Doctor. And she leaves TARDIS by own will, something that hasn't happened to a main companion for seven years.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Got round to watching The Caretaker. The funny story of the Series. It had some predictable tropes, like a hilarious misunderstanding the Doctor had about Clara's boyfriend. And the awkward moments. Skovox Blitzer felt underused. I suppose this is understandable and better then the use of the Cybermen in Closing Time. I can often find children annoying in these shows but it was amusing seeing Courtney's (wonder if that name reference to Nicholas) reaction to seeing the stars. It was amusing when Danny used the watch of Gyges to get into the TARDIS though. The antagonism between him and the Doctor certainly enables Capaldi the opportunity to do some great acting. He does have great comic timing. The PE Teacher joke did seem a bit wearing at times, as does the Doctor's dislike of soldiers. Still, like the character of Danny. And liked the ending, with the Policeman arriving in the afterlife. I know the title Nethersphere will be important. Not among the best comic episodes but decent.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Time Heist. Doctor Who does Ocean's Eleven. Nice concept. I liked the side characters, Saibra and Psi had their powers used excellently. Timey-Wimey done well with plot. Capaldi, as ever, gives good performance. Do have some questions about bank security, like why they didn't send multiple soldier after them next to the vault instead of the Teller, but the Teller was a decent monster. Pacing was good. Keeley Hawes gave good performance. Liked twist at end with Teller's wife and who called. Suspected Doctor was Architect but that reveal was done ably.

Not very deep however and "clear your mind" does seem like one of those often-used Moffat gimmicks. Feel could have been longer. But nice to have the occasional fun standalone episode which isn't too intense. And having Abslom Daak the Dalek Killer from Doctor Who Magazine appear was a moment that delighted this Expanded Universe fan. So is the 26th century chainsword-wielding deconstructive 90s anti-hero now canon in the Whoniverse? This episode had a shapeshifter. Will a shapeshifting penguin be next?

Overall not that profound but not meant to be and enjoyable all the same.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Listen. An odd story, without a clear antagonist. Moffat seems to be reusing quite a few old ideas, with the Doctor meeting someone as a child and influencing their life, along with Clara venturing into the Doctor's past. But those ideas are combined in an interesting manner and the first reversed, now the Doctor's companion influences him as a child. It was quite a moment, seeing the young Doctor and revealing more about the barn the War Doctor went to. I liked how, like Midnight, it was ambiguous exactly what was happening. What was on Danny's bed? What was outside the airlock? It is even more unclear then Midnight, considering the end implying the Doctor may have just created this idea due to meeting Clara while a child. The story does have a similar feeling to Hide, with the time travel pioneer who is apparently descended from a character in the episode. Orson Pink has brought more interest in the future of Clara and Danny's relationship and I would like to see how it develops. We get to see a more maternal side to Clara as she talks to the young Danny and Doctor, which is quite nice to see. We effectively see more of the Doctor's character, less child-friendly then 11 and obsessing over his theory despite the dangers it causes, which gives him an antagonistic feel. I think Listen, while having Moff re-using quite a few of his ideas, was interesting and well-written. Perhaps Capaldi's best so far.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Robot of Sherwood. At last those two English heroes meet on screen, having already met in Short Trips anthology book. 12's weakest so far but understand meant to be comedic. Though quite similar to Deep Breath, historical with robots trying to repair spaceship and reach the promised land. 12 more comedic here, though his efforts to prove he is right shows more serious side. The ending with golden arrow ridiculous and why didn't Sheriff use arrow for spaceship? Understand why beheading cut but found out it revealed Sheriff was robotic so annoying as plot point lost. Nice having Patrick Troughton appear in Robin Hood data. Tom Riley and Ben Miller well cast as Flynn-like Robin and fiendish Sheriff. Amusing playing with Robin Hood tropes and interesting comparison between Robin and the Doctor. The reveal that Robin was real was quite a reveal. Overall weak but amusing pseudo-historical.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Today listened to last episode of I, Davros, Guilt. They show the origin of the word Dalek, from a Dal text where Dalek means Gods. Connection to Hitler invoking Aryan heritage? Peter Miles who originally played Nyder returns for the role as Davros's henchman and we see how he met Davros, saving him when Thals take him hostage and shooting Ral, the scientist who betrayed him. His ruthlessness and efficiency lead to Davros promoting him from Lieutenant to Security Commander. We see how Davros finally becomes too ruthless for the Supremo and Kaled society, as he demands unrestricted access to Kaled children. Over the series the Supremeo has turned from a powerful and ruthless leader to a weak old man while Davros becomes more dangerous, murdering the entire Council and taking control of the Kaleds. Based on Hitler's purge of the Government? With Davros's big ego and insanity Baran claims it's either personal or Oedipal. That explains a bit, like Davros hallucinating the Supremo as Calcula. Even though she is dead, Davros's mother still influences him greatly.

The sound also becomes similar to that in Genesis of the Daleks. And Davros's lab certainly evokes the one in Genesis, with sinister sounds from the mutated children. There is even a chilling scene where Davros decides to feed Ludella, who wants her son back, to the mutants, wondering if she will wake to see how pleased her son is to see her.

And in a nice irony a Thal becomes the first Dalek, with Davros capturing the spy Baran (who is amusingly played by Nicholas Briggs, who voices the Daleks) and transplanting him into the Mark I Travel Machine. Thus I, Davros ends just before Genesis of the Daleks, with the listeners knowing what will happen next.

I, Davros is an excellent series, with good cast, characters and plot. There are elements of I, Claudius certainly, but the ideas are put together in their own fantastic way. The special features CD was a good listen as well, talking about the actors, characters, and making off this series. Gary Russell's last work with Big Finish is a fine piece.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Yesterday I, Davros: Corruption. The death of Calcula is done dramatically and well, as she thought other Kaleds turn against her, the Supremo ordering an attack on her. But in her typical ruthless nature she dies exposing herself and her enemy to radiation. An end to this Livia. But we see the ruthless nature of Davros still, as he uses his mother's body for experimentation. This story expands on the events in the audio Davros. Shan appears, a female scientist whose work proves important in developing the Daleks. She seems the closest thing Davros has to a lover, which is effective in showing more of Davros. Shan believes eventually the war will mean the Thals and Kaleds can stop fighting, but Davros with his Social Darwinism refuses to believe they can form proper peace, and has her executed. The drama shows Davros ruthlessly gaining power, blackmailing the Supremo into giving the Scientific Elite autonomy. And the event that made Davros the twisted mutant is shown, with him hallucinating Shan telling him to find peace but his mother convinces him to live on, nicely counterpointing these two important women in his life. Like in Davros, the audience hear Davros being given another chance of life or death, being given the poison injector but choosing to carry on. Finally, in a speech illustating his views, Davros says he knows what it's like to live without fear and for the sake of his people he won't know limits. Another exciting and well-written story. I look forward to the conclusion.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Purity, second episode of I, Davros. Another exciting story. Shocking moments, like Davros meeting his mutated mentor, and Calcula drowning Yarvel. Nice foreshadowing with Magrantine hoping Davros will know how he feels. And we see how dangerous Davros is as Yarvel resorts to betraying her brother to the Thals so he can't make more terrible weapons. Great scenes with the Kaleds in the wastelands, seeing the effects of Varga Plants. Again we see Davros' devotion to his science, his flashback ending with him using his sister's body for experimentation. Certainly a great idea for a series.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Finished Innocence, first ep of I, Davros. A combination of I, Claudius and Doctor Who, so of course something of great interest to me. Turns out Davros is literally a bastard. Good start to showing how Davros becomes slayer of his own people and creator of the Daleks. And variety of interesting characters, from his calculating mother Calcula, the Livia of this story, to his tutor Magrantine, who ends up becoming an experiment. And I like the performance of Davros, as a creepy child who takes deaths casually and comes up with the idea of using wounded Kaleds as experiments. High hopes for next ep.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Into the Dalek certainly has the Daleks killing lots of people again. And quite an idea, The Invisible Enemy meets Dalek. Interesting 12 is more casual about death, certainly darker. And another appearance from Missy. Neat subversions of expectations.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Deep Breath gave Talons of Weng-Chiang vibe. Like ref to Trigger's broom. 12 great, nice of 11 to call and usher in his replacement. And quite an ending scene. Who is the Gatekeeper?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Today is the 2000th anniversary of Emperor Augustus' death. Have released fanfic to celebrate.  Augustus was a man so great that I changed my political views from learning about him.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Worked out something amusing. In Jubilee the President of the evil British Empire is Nigel Rochester (voiced by Martin Jarvis). The Leader of UKIP is Nigel Farage. So Nigel seems like a great leader for Britain.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Listening to Jubilee again. May prefer it to Dalek with its more cynical look at humanity, even if it is a bit odd at points, with the twisted timelines and singing Daleks.
Deep Breath in a mere six days. Capaldi from what I heard is excellent in the role, as the Cyberleader would say. The main reason someone should be the Doctor is because they are a good actor, not to look attractive.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

On 23/11 began posting stories for epic involving multiple Doctors. Had 12 feature early to contact 7 before 7 met an old enemy of the Doctor.
Started out on blog.  Link to my fanfic. First one is simply Doctor meeting new companion. Using 11th Doctor. Story based partially on Web Planet.