Monday, 1 December 2014

Yesterday saw GOT S2 E2-3. Not much of the Khaleesi, but there are many more characters to follow in the War of the Five Kings. Liked seeing Tyrion's asserting himself at court, having the Goldcloak leader thrown out of King's Landing. Amusing seeing his deception to find his sister's spy and having Pycelle arrested. Interesting hearing the discussion between him and Varys on power.

I am interested in Stannis, as he seems more moral then quite a few other characters.Though unsurprising his younger brother has more support, as Renly is more charismatic and dynamic then him. Suppose giving woman position also makes him more likeable to audience. Though will be interesting seeing how his relationship with House Tyrell plays out.

Not liking the royalty of the Iron Islands, they seem like jerks. The girl is behaving like Cersei with her trick on her brother. The Iron strategy is good in one respect, attacking while the Starks army is away, not good in another, that they are fighting the North and not coming to terms, and they seem more caught up in revenge. Though considering he had most of his sons killed this is understandable. "We do not sow" indeed. Dramatic moment seeing the burning of the letter.

Would be interested to know what happens to the boys taken North of the Wall. Hope the "wife" is met again.

Feel the men Arya Stark released from the cage will be Chekhov's characters. She is another one of my favourite characters, showing cunning as she convinces the Lannister's thugs they already killed Gendry. Will she and Gendry escape?

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