Monday, 22 December 2014

Two days ago saw The Old Gods and the New. Quite tense seeing whether Jon would execute the Wildling. An addition to the already huge cast. In Qarth could understand the Spice King's thoughts. Found his style like that of someone overacting on life. Interesting hearing the thoughts of Tywin. Is he a harsh man as he doesn't want his family to fail like his kind father almost made happen? Very tense scene when Baelish was talking to Tywin while Arya tries to avoid him, left ambiguous how much he sees. Tenseness continues in Harrenhal with Arya trying to stop Lorch showing the paper to Tywin and Jaqen killing him just in time. Amusing that. We see the truth of Machiavelli saying a Prince must never be hated, as King's Landing turns against Joffrey. Tyrion and the Hound show some heroism as they rescue Sansa from the rioters. Shocking when Daenerys finds her men dead and her dragons stolen. Looks like that Voldermort guy from last episode wasn't trustworthy.

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