Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Four days ago saw The Ghost of Harrenhal. Quite surprising having Renly killed. But still dramatic. Brienne swearing allegiance to Catelyn also exciting. Would like to see how events play out for them both. Events moving up to attack on King's Landing by Stannis, land and sea. However interested in where this wildfire is leading. Looking forward to seeing next ep, and see what the Iron Islands have planned for Winterfell. Considering Bran's dream about Winterfell being flooded events seem ominous. I was quite interested in whether Daenerys would choose Xaro. Jorah may have talked her out of this but how else will she attack King's Landing? In Harrenhal great scene from Charles Dance as he works out Arya is Northern and she tells him "Anyone can die." Arya has two murders left. Which of the names she recites will she choose?

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