Monday, 26 January 2015

Saw GOT S3 E3-4 on the 18th. Hot Pie has left the cast. Understandable, need less characters. Quite a wham moment when Jaime lost his hand. Gains some likeability when he stops Brienne being raped. Another son to Craster, this is tense. We now see the Tully family. Edmure seems well-meaning but incompetent, but the Blackfish is a bit more efficient. The burning arrows demonstrates both their natures. Tense as Melisandre needs King's Blood. Is she looking for Gendry?

E4. Not particularly nice hearing what happened to Varys, and not nice seeing what he has done to the Magician. Craster is dead, but I could see it coming. He was really asking for it and was an incestuous monster. Will the Hound finally be finished? I could tell Daenerys would have her dragon kill the slave-master once she had the Unsullied. Her revealing she speaks Old Valyrian was not entirely surprising. The Tyrells seem much nicer then the Lannisters, understanding, as Machiavelli wrote, that a Prince must not be hated. Shocking as the Boy takes Theon back to the dungeon after gathering info from him.

On the 19th (my birthday), saw GOT S3 E5. Seems the Hound has escaped justice. But there is magic, Dondarrion can be brought back. Is this some counterpart to the White Walkers? Stannis does show his admirable lawful nature when he confesses to his wife about his infidelity but she approves. Shireen seems nice enough, liked seeing her talking to Davos. Daenerys shows sometimes being nice can win you followers. Shocking as the Karstarks murder the Lannister boys. I thought Robb would keep Lord Karstark, who keeps reminding me of Karl Marx, prisoner. But he chooses the more lawful, though less Realpolitik orientated option and loses much of his army. We finally hear Jaime's view on why he killed the Mad King, saving King's Landing from being burnt down. Does add to his character, even if he is a twincestuous character who tried to murder a boy. Now Robb has to make dealings with Lord Frey. Expect more on the double-dealings of politics. In some ways amusing seeing Tyrion's reaction as he finds his father wants him to marry Sansa, then his sister finds out she has to marry Loras. Tywin can be quite a frightening presence, as he forces his children to agree to the marriages.

25th, saw E6. Again the powerful nature of Tywin, as he outmanoeuvres Olenna and they insult each other's family. It seems King Joffrey is Kim Jong Un, as he tried to engage in avunculicide, but not well. Like Tyrion said some time ago, he is a vicious idiot. Robb seemed reasonable enough as he met Frey's terms. Seems his Uncle will have to agree. Things don't look good for Gendry. But would be interesting to see Arya and Melisandre meet again. Horrific scene as Theon is tortured and the Boy reveals he lied and makes Theon beg to have his finger cut off. Feel quite sorry for Sansa and Tyrion. The ending really shows how terrible Baelish is, as he tells Varys he wants chaos so he can advance himself. Then we see what happened to Ros.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Saw GOT S3 E1-2 8 days ago. Valar Dohaeris was a good opening. Ghost, like I thought, comes back. Still a surprise seeing him save Sam. Jon Snow is joining the King beyond the Wall. As ever those of the Stark family try to be moral. Feel so sorry for Tyrion, as his father refuses to name him heir to Casterly Rock and calls him an embarrassment to the family. Margaery Tyrell seems a lot nicer then her betrothed, as she talks to the orphans of King's Landing. The Tyrells know more about what makes a good ruler. Good to know Davos survived. But it seems his failure to take Kings Landing and losses are pushing Stannis closer to Melisandre. Not particularly pleasant hearing of the training for the Unsullied and seeing the demonstration. Tense moment as the swordsman approached and the ball opened. I wonder what Selmy the Kingsguard will be like?

Dark Wings, Dark Words has more characters. Another Tyrell, Olenna. Seems a nice old lady but looks can be deceptive. Sansa is developing more. How will Olenna and Margaery react to hearing the truth about Joffrey? Margaery is good at hiding her true thoughts though. Interested in knowing who Jojen and Meera are. Will we see more of Bran's powers? It seems Theon Greyjoy is getting some punishment for his actions in the North, even if it is unpleasant. I wonder if he will escape? Another new character Thoros of Myr, played by Paul Kaye, who I heard will be in Doctor Who S9. Doesn't seem such a bad guy. But am unsure how he will react to finding out who Arya Stark is. And what will he do to the Hound? After some time a physical fight between Brienne and Jaime. Brienne may have won but Jaime wasn't in the best position for fighting. It seems being the more moral person isn't working as the farmer has recognised the Kingslayer. I doubt even two of the best warriors in Westeros can stand against these Bannermen. The storyline between those two has dragged a bit and won't be sorry to see it end.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Finale of GOT S2, Valar Morghulis, seen by me 7 days ago. Good finale. Lannister and Tryell are uniting in marriage. Hope that alliance is soon broken. Pycelle arguing how Joffrey can get out of his promise to marry Sansa certainly shows the Realpolitik of the series. The elite can justify what they want. Wonder what will happen to Sansa now. Poor old Tyrion, saving the city but not getting appreciated. But now Varys can hopefully keep tabs on Littlefinger. Wonder what will happen to him now his father is around to be Hand. Agree with Tyrion, enjoyable having him in a Deadly Decadent Court. Jaqen such a great character. Love the bit where he turns round to show he has changed his face. Hope to see him again. Exciting when Daenerys has Voldermort burnt to death. But she does seem quite mean in locking Xaro and Doreah in the vault. Is she really so admirable? As for Jon Snow I wonder how he will fare with the Wildings? Exciting finish, Sam trying to hide while an army of the Dead advances.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Yesterday finished The Blood of Olympus, Finale to The Heroes of Olympus. Decent read. Gaea getting defeated may have seemed like a cop-out. Still, liked the way it occurred and the ending with Leo and Calypso. Liked Nico finally coming out to Percy at end. Look forward to reading the crossover between Kane and Olympus and when Magnus Chase comes out will be reading that.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

6 days ago, just before the New Year, saw Blackwater. Really dramatic, as Stannis finally attacks King's Landing. Tyrion shows a heroic side as he helps defend the city, setting most of Stannis' fleet alight and rallying the troops when Joffrey leaves the fighting. Quite a conclusion to the battle, as Lannister and Tyrell forces, including Tywin, defeat the Baratheon forces. At least Stannis has escaped. Not certain on who to support. The Lannisters, Joffrey, Tyrion and those of King's Landing or the more honourable Stannis. Hope that Ser Davos has survived, despite his ship being burnt. See some of Cersei's love for her children, as she sits with Tommen and tells him to be brave, while possibly planning to poison him and herself if the city is taken. Good performance as Cersei shows more of her character, getting drunk and being cynical while Sansa tries to keep hopes up. Very good in focusing on less, just about the Battle of Blackwater. Do have to question why Sansa wants to stay in King's Landing. Overall Blackwater really great episode. Did deserve to win Hugo Award more then 2012 Doctor Who.

Friday, 2 January 2015

8 days ago saw Last Christmas, DW. Didn't find particularly good. Interesting concept with the dreams, though might have dragged on. What happened to the Professor as he got taken by the Dream Crab? Is that one still around? Though, Nick Frost suitable name. Elves felt a bit odd, prefer those of Valinor. Liked the Thrones Marathon note. I would have liked going through one. Clara being old, then not, might have been going on too long. Some ambiguity about Santa Clause at the end with the tangerine. Was he from the Land of Fiction? Some sort of personification like the Guardians or Eternals? Moff said based on comic where 1 met Father Christmas. Review can be seen here. I like AT4W. Clara is staying. Good or bad? Well, Moff says arc is planned, so we will see what S9 brings.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

GOT S2 E7-8 watched by me 5 days ago. A Man without Honour shows Theon becoming more desperate. Tywin shows a slightly nicer side in Harrenhal, as he lets Arya eat the stew. Ygritte can be a bit annoying. Considering Jon gets captured looks like it would have been wiser to kill her. Sansa has flowered. That does not seem good. In the Stark Camp the guard should have known better then to go close to the Kingslayer. Jaime does bring up some interesting points about the contradictory nature of being a Knight. Though he is still a jerk, seeming to go out of his way to insult Catelyn. Shocking ending, as the burnt bodies are hung up in Winterfell.

The Prince of Winterfell. Theon is not managing matters well. Winterfell is not a good place for a seafaring people and killing the Stark boys means the North hates him. Catelyn really doesn't seem to have been thinking things through when she let Jaime go in the hope it will save her daughters. Wouldn't negotiations have been a better idea? Jaime still being a jerk to Brienne. As Stannis' forces move towards King's Landing matters become more tense. How will Tyrion defend the city? At least Arya has escaped Harrenhal. Found it quite amusing when she gives Jaqen his own name. Liked hearing of how Stannis values loyalty and his problems with his brothers, having to give up the castle he held onto. Nice of him to say he'll make Davos his Hand. Good to know the Stark boys are still alive and hiding in Winterfell.