Friday, 9 January 2015

Finale of GOT S2, Valar Morghulis, seen by me 7 days ago. Good finale. Lannister and Tryell are uniting in marriage. Hope that alliance is soon broken. Pycelle arguing how Joffrey can get out of his promise to marry Sansa certainly shows the Realpolitik of the series. The elite can justify what they want. Wonder what will happen to Sansa now. Poor old Tyrion, saving the city but not getting appreciated. But now Varys can hopefully keep tabs on Littlefinger. Wonder what will happen to him now his father is around to be Hand. Agree with Tyrion, enjoyable having him in a Deadly Decadent Court. Jaqen such a great character. Love the bit where he turns round to show he has changed his face. Hope to see him again. Exciting when Daenerys has Voldermort burnt to death. But she does seem quite mean in locking Xaro and Doreah in the vault. Is she really so admirable? As for Jon Snow I wonder how he will fare with the Wildings? Exciting finish, Sam trying to hide while an army of the Dead advances.

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