Sunday, 18 January 2015

Saw GOT S3 E1-2 8 days ago. Valar Dohaeris was a good opening. Ghost, like I thought, comes back. Still a surprise seeing him save Sam. Jon Snow is joining the King beyond the Wall. As ever those of the Stark family try to be moral. Feel so sorry for Tyrion, as his father refuses to name him heir to Casterly Rock and calls him an embarrassment to the family. Margaery Tyrell seems a lot nicer then her betrothed, as she talks to the orphans of King's Landing. The Tyrells know more about what makes a good ruler. Good to know Davos survived. But it seems his failure to take Kings Landing and losses are pushing Stannis closer to Melisandre. Not particularly pleasant hearing of the training for the Unsullied and seeing the demonstration. Tense moment as the swordsman approached and the ball opened. I wonder what Selmy the Kingsguard will be like?

Dark Wings, Dark Words has more characters. Another Tyrell, Olenna. Seems a nice old lady but looks can be deceptive. Sansa is developing more. How will Olenna and Margaery react to hearing the truth about Joffrey? Margaery is good at hiding her true thoughts though. Interested in knowing who Jojen and Meera are. Will we see more of Bran's powers? It seems Theon Greyjoy is getting some punishment for his actions in the North, even if it is unpleasant. I wonder if he will escape? Another new character Thoros of Myr, played by Paul Kaye, who I heard will be in Doctor Who S9. Doesn't seem such a bad guy. But am unsure how he will react to finding out who Arya Stark is. And what will he do to the Hound? After some time a physical fight between Brienne and Jaime. Brienne may have won but Jaime wasn't in the best position for fighting. It seems being the more moral person isn't working as the farmer has recognised the Kingslayer. I doubt even two of the best warriors in Westeros can stand against these Bannermen. The storyline between those two has dragged a bit and won't be sorry to see it end.

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