Tuesday, 6 January 2015

6 days ago, just before the New Year, saw Blackwater. Really dramatic, as Stannis finally attacks King's Landing. Tyrion shows a heroic side as he helps defend the city, setting most of Stannis' fleet alight and rallying the troops when Joffrey leaves the fighting. Quite a conclusion to the battle, as Lannister and Tyrell forces, including Tywin, defeat the Baratheon forces. At least Stannis has escaped. Not certain on who to support. The Lannisters, Joffrey, Tyrion and those of King's Landing or the more honourable Stannis. Hope that Ser Davos has survived, despite his ship being burnt. See some of Cersei's love for her children, as she sits with Tommen and tells him to be brave, while possibly planning to poison him and herself if the city is taken. Good performance as Cersei shows more of her character, getting drunk and being cynical while Sansa tries to keep hopes up. Very good in focusing on less, just about the Battle of Blackwater. Do have to question why Sansa wants to stay in King's Landing. Overall Blackwater really great episode. Did deserve to win Hugo Award more then 2012 Doctor Who.

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