Friday, 2 January 2015

8 days ago saw Last Christmas, DW. Didn't find particularly good. Interesting concept with the dreams, though might have dragged on. What happened to the Professor as he got taken by the Dream Crab? Is that one still around? Though, Nick Frost suitable name. Elves felt a bit odd, prefer those of Valinor. Liked the Thrones Marathon note. I would have liked going through one. Clara being old, then not, might have been going on too long. Some ambiguity about Santa Clause at the end with the tangerine. Was he from the Land of Fiction? Some sort of personification like the Guardians or Eternals? Moff said based on comic where 1 met Father Christmas. Review can be seen here. I like AT4W. Clara is staying. Good or bad? Well, Moff says arc is planned, so we will see what S9 brings.

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