Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Began Season 2 of GOT 3 days ago. Would have liked to see more of Daenerys. But there is a lot happening. Joffrey seems to be turning into Nero, his mother unable to control him. At least he is not undergoing a Draco in Leather Pants treatment, the fandom know he is a Medieval Caligula, but with a better-spoken Uncle. Horrific ending, as Joffrey tries to wipe out Rob's true children. As Littlefinger showed his mockingbird I gave the whistle. Now I wonder if this is what happened to Panem. We see Stannis Baratheon is claiming the throne. Meanwhile in the North the fight goes on. Stannis shows some more prudence then Ned in sending the news of Joffrey's parentage across Westeros. Who will be King?

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