Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Three days ago finished GOT Season 1, with ep9 and 10. Not especially surprising what happens to Sean Bean, but still shocking when Joffrey has Ned Stark executed, after a confession is forced from him. Interesting hearing Tyrion's story of how he found love and lost it. He continues to be a great character. His father is an unpleasant figure. Meanwhile across the sea evident bad things will happen from the deal with the witch to save Drogo.

An appearance from David Bradley. Quite a loathsome figure here. But we see difficult choices must be made, with the arranged marriages. At the wall good moment having Jon talk to Aemon Targaryen. Which way will he choose? Many stories, but all interesting.

Ep10. Joffrey further demonstrates his cruelty quickly, having the singer's tongue cut out and forcing Sansa to see her father's head. Heard of George Bush controversy over heads but hard to see. Good to have Sansa gain some strength in insulting Joffrey. Though when he said a King shouldn't hit his lady I worked out someone else would do it for him. Meanwhile Arya is escaping King's Landing. Will she meet Jon? As for Jon good to see some debate over whether to help his family or the Watch. Look forward to seeing more on the White Walkers.

Tywin seems to be appreciating Tyrion with the favourite son gone. Sure with Tyrion and his sister-son we can expect some good scenes. Tense as Jaime shies from telling Catelyn why he tried to kill her son. When will the twincest come out? Dramatic moment hearing the cry of King in the North. The Starks are now openly rebelling against King's Landing.

Upsetting to see Daenerys having lost so much, her child dying to save her husband who is catatonic. But can see some logic from Mirri, the stallion will burn no cities and she had endured much hardship. Still sad to see Daenerys smothering her husband. Dramatic ending as she emerges from the ashes with dragons. I look forward to next season.

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