Friday, 14 November 2014

Four days ago saw Ep8 of GOT. Quite amusing watching Tyrion turning being surrounded by Hill Tribes to his advantage, then introducing them to his father. That dwarf is a dangerous enemy. Not that I feel too worried for that creepy breast-feeding Lysa. Daenerys continues as likeable character, saving the women from enslavement. Dramatic scene for Syrio, helping Arya escape the Lannisters. Her killing the stable boy did feel rushed but still good and understandable instinct. Sansa isn't particularly interesting, with the Queen manipulating her. The Starks are moving for war against the Lannisters. Robb letting the scout go reminds me of story in Herodotus where Xerxes showed Greek spies his forces and let them go so they could scare the Greeks. As for events at the Wall, we now have the White Walkers, well-done scene with the zombies. The Lannisters and Starks are about to fight, Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne. But surely Sean Bean can't die.

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