Saturday, 8 November 2014

Thoughts for Death in Heaven. Seb is part of Missy's mind. Another Time Lord. The Rani. The city appearing will be connected to Gallifrey. The Time Lords are planning to escape that way. Rassilon is involved. Missy got out of Gallifrey through the painting, someone pointed out hand gripping side as Clara leaves was too far to be Clara. Rassilon might have enabled the Master's regeneration so they would help him. She is intending to be the Starscream. Missy will bring back companions as Cybermen to force the Doctor to kill them. Amy, Rory, Victorian Clara. Brig, to be cruel to Kate and 12. She will kill Osgood out of spite. The Doctor will be forced to kill Danny by destroying the Nethersphere. Due to that Clara will split. Or she will have to do it herself. Eventually she will learn to Let it Go. That song is good. Clara will die. Danny will come back somehow. Missy orchestrated their death to lure the Doctor in. The cloud will upgrade humanity. Reminds me of 8th Doctor comic story The Flood but that's another matter.

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