Monday, 10 November 2014

Yesterday saw Ep7 of GOT. As Littlefinger was talking to the two whores my thoughts were focused on wondering how many countries this was banned in. Probably in North Korea. Of course in Korea they have things slightly different, the North is the place for violent, treacherous rulers, so they don't need the show. But I detract. The sexposition was distracting, not that I was interested in that. A Vegan can be distracted by long shots on sizzling meat.
Anyway, Edward IV... Robert dies. The connections to the 15th century conflicts in England become more prevalent. The King dies wanting the ruler of the North to become regent. His heir seems illegitimate, so the regent wants them deposed. But the Queen's Family doesn't support the King's will and want to rule through the new King. Ricardians must like this show.
First view of Tywin, Head of the Lannister Clan. Skinning a stag, SYMBOLISM.
Exciting seeing events across the Sea, with the try your own weapon trick that reminded me of the Arthurian story with Medea's cloak. And dramatic ending as Drogo declared war. The Dothraki will cross the Narrow Sea at last. Do not try anything against the Khal's Family.
Like Littlefinger's thoughts on Realpolitik. It's only treason if we loose. When he was talking about who the Goldcloaks would support in disputed succession I was thinking "He who pays them." Which is what happened. Dramatic end as Littlefinger betrays Ned. Seems the idealism of telling the Queen so she can protect herself doesn't work out. They may be honest and more loyal in the North (more like Richard) but they are unused to the backstabbing South. Being a Richard III supporter though part of the cynical, elitist self-deprecating South this appeals to me.

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