Sunday, 9 November 2014

Death in Heaven. Like I thought, Missy killed Osgood, though still shocking. Effective in showing her as terrible villain. Though still odd how love can overcome Cyber-Processing. Not as bad as last time though. And maybe the sonic screwdriver made sure the emotional inhibitor wasn't working properly. Danny's speech of the Army of the Dead saving the world of the living, with the Doctor seeing the soldier isn't bad, could be seen as a nice tribute to what we remembered the next day. Though Army of the Dead reminded me of ghosts from Return of the King. Anyway, nice that the Brigadier was there. I first thought the Cyberman was Amy or Rory, but makes sense it would be the Brig. He saved his daughter, killed the Master (for this story) and the Doctor saluted him. Though on another note not clear how that boy was transported out. How did Danny have the teleporter with him? So you don't need to sing well to Mandos, have Superboy-prime punch the walls of reality or be the Joker, you just need to be wearing a teleporter when you die? And someone else can get out. Odd. But dramatic scene where Doctor sees Gallifrey isn't there and vents out his rage. Good companion departure, with Doctor and Clara lying to each other while hiding their sadness. And Santa Claus appearing at end. Quite an ending, leaning on the 4th wall. What will happen at Christmas?

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