Saturday, 20 September 2014

Time Heist. Doctor Who does Ocean's Eleven. Nice concept. I liked the side characters, Saibra and Psi had their powers used excellently. Timey-Wimey done well with plot. Capaldi, as ever, gives good performance. Do have some questions about bank security, like why they didn't send multiple soldier after them next to the vault instead of the Teller, but the Teller was a decent monster. Pacing was good. Keeley Hawes gave good performance. Liked twist at end with Teller's wife and who called. Suspected Doctor was Architect but that reveal was done ably.

Not very deep however and "clear your mind" does seem like one of those often-used Moffat gimmicks. Feel could have been longer. But nice to have the occasional fun standalone episode which isn't too intense. And having Abslom Daak the Dalek Killer from Doctor Who Magazine appear was a moment that delighted this Expanded Universe fan. So is the 26th century chainsword-wielding deconstructive 90s anti-hero now canon in the Whoniverse? This episode had a shapeshifter. Will a shapeshifting penguin be next?

Overall not that profound but not meant to be and enjoyable all the same.

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