Thursday, 4 September 2014

Yesterday I, Davros: Corruption. The death of Calcula is done dramatically and well, as she thought other Kaleds turn against her, the Supremo ordering an attack on her. But in her typical ruthless nature she dies exposing herself and her enemy to radiation. An end to this Livia. But we see the ruthless nature of Davros still, as he uses his mother's body for experimentation. This story expands on the events in the audio Davros. Shan appears, a female scientist whose work proves important in developing the Daleks. She seems the closest thing Davros has to a lover, which is effective in showing more of Davros. Shan believes eventually the war will mean the Thals and Kaleds can stop fighting, but Davros with his Social Darwinism refuses to believe they can form proper peace, and has her executed. The drama shows Davros ruthlessly gaining power, blackmailing the Supremo into giving the Scientific Elite autonomy. And the event that made Davros the twisted mutant is shown, with him hallucinating Shan telling him to find peace but his mother convinces him to live on, nicely counterpointing these two important women in his life. Like in Davros, the audience hear Davros being given another chance of life or death, being given the poison injector but choosing to carry on. Finally, in a speech illustating his views, Davros says he knows what it's like to live without fear and for the sake of his people he won't know limits. Another exciting and well-written story. I look forward to the conclusion.

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