Saturday, 6 September 2014

Robot of Sherwood. At last those two English heroes meet on screen, having already met in Short Trips anthology book. 12's weakest so far but understand meant to be comedic. Though quite similar to Deep Breath, historical with robots trying to repair spaceship and reach the promised land. 12 more comedic here, though his efforts to prove he is right shows more serious side. The ending with golden arrow ridiculous and why didn't Sheriff use arrow for spaceship? Understand why beheading cut but found out it revealed Sheriff was robotic so annoying as plot point lost. Nice having Patrick Troughton appear in Robin Hood data. Tom Riley and Ben Miller well cast as Flynn-like Robin and fiendish Sheriff. Amusing playing with Robin Hood tropes and interesting comparison between Robin and the Doctor. The reveal that Robin was real was quite a reveal. Overall weak but amusing pseudo-historical.

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