Saturday, 13 September 2014

Listen. An odd story, without a clear antagonist. Moffat seems to be reusing quite a few old ideas, with the Doctor meeting someone as a child and influencing their life, along with Clara venturing into the Doctor's past. But those ideas are combined in an interesting manner and the first reversed, now the Doctor's companion influences him as a child. It was quite a moment, seeing the young Doctor and revealing more about the barn the War Doctor went to. I liked how, like Midnight, it was ambiguous exactly what was happening. What was on Danny's bed? What was outside the airlock? It is even more unclear then Midnight, considering the end implying the Doctor may have just created this idea due to meeting Clara while a child. The story does have a similar feeling to Hide, with the time travel pioneer who is apparently descended from a character in the episode. Orson Pink has brought more interest in the future of Clara and Danny's relationship and I would like to see how it develops. We get to see a more maternal side to Clara as she talks to the young Danny and Doctor, which is quite nice to see. We effectively see more of the Doctor's character, less child-friendly then 11 and obsessing over his theory despite the dangers it causes, which gives him an antagonistic feel. I think Listen, while having Moff re-using quite a few of his ideas, was interesting and well-written. Perhaps Capaldi's best so far.

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