Sunday, 28 September 2014

Got round to watching The Caretaker. The funny story of the Series. It had some predictable tropes, like a hilarious misunderstanding the Doctor had about Clara's boyfriend. And the awkward moments. Skovox Blitzer felt underused. I suppose this is understandable and better then the use of the Cybermen in Closing Time. I can often find children annoying in these shows but it was amusing seeing Courtney's (wonder if that name reference to Nicholas) reaction to seeing the stars. It was amusing when Danny used the watch of Gyges to get into the TARDIS though. The antagonism between him and the Doctor certainly enables Capaldi the opportunity to do some great acting. He does have great comic timing. The PE Teacher joke did seem a bit wearing at times, as does the Doctor's dislike of soldiers. Still, like the character of Danny. And liked the ending, with the Policeman arriving in the afterlife. I know the title Nethersphere will be important. Not among the best comic episodes but decent.

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