Monday, 27 October 2014

In the Forest of the Night. Often children in shows are annoying. These weren't as annoying as usual. But the animals didn't feel needed. The part where the message is sent to the world felt a bit of a let-down. And Annabel appearing at the end felt a bit too happy. I understand if they want an occasional light and happy episode. But still don't think much. The episode started with quite a good concept, but as it went on there didn't seem much plot. Not much threat was felt, which is probably why the animals were there. Though the trees wanting to help was surprising. Some nice character building from Clara and Danny. Capaldi amusing as he copes with kids. Like the hint this is in the future, as we seem to be entering new dating controversy. Overall OK with character, kids not that bad, but plot not great, though get not meant to be too serious.

As for Missy she doesn't seem to have done much, just being a Chorus. But that trailer was exciting. Missy says the Doctor knows who she is and I will put more thoughts on her in another post.

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