Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mummy on the Orient Express. Decent. It had an excellent opening. Foretold was good foe and idea. Understand why BBC had to move this to later timeslot. Also liked how rather then dragging out the Mummy killing people the set-up is experiment to discover more on Mummy, which reminded me of Alien. Frank Skinner as Perkins was quite amusing. And I'm sure Foxes singing helped garner interest. Again the Doctor shows his harsh needs of the many nature rather then obsessing over saving people, leading to the usual tension with Clara. I rather like this Anti-Hero quality, the Doctor saying sometimes harsh choices are needed. But some of this episode felt a bit odd as last week Clara was really angry with the Doctor and now seems fine, making this episode feel like it should have been elsewhere in the series. And some of Clara's dialogue with the Doctor at beginning and end awkward. But overall the episode is gripping with the Agatha Christie/Horror Movie style, despite feeling slightly misplaced.

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