Monday, 9 March 2015

On the 1st of March saw GOT S4 E9. The Wildlings finally attack the Wall. Reminded me of Blackwater. Penultimate episode that focused on an attack in one area, enabling us to focus more. Really exciting seeing all these characters fighting and the various deaths. It feels more like traditional fantasy, with Samwell getting back like he said. Good ending, as Jon Snow goes off to his death. Could you be like that out of depression at the death of Ygritte? I guessed her last words would be "You know nothing Jon Snow." But will Jon Snow kill the King beyond the War? Will the Night's Watch still be able to hold of the thousands about to attack?

On the 5th finished S4. Stannis is back! Loved hearing that theme as his soldiers ride out, defeating the Wildlings and capturing their King. Stannis really is awesome. Things may not be so bad for him, as he may be able to build a base in the North. Plenty of the Northerners hate the Boltons and would be ready to help him. Great duel between the Hound and Brienne. Sad watching the Hound die, even if he was trying to make himself unsympathetic so Arya would kill him. Was this her punishment to him, letting him die? Also the Hound's brother is dying. Qyburn saying he could save him while in this lab felt like something from a different show. It was sad seeing Daenerys being forced to lock her dragons up after seeing how dangerous they are becoming. We finally meet the Children of the Forest, able to blow Wights to ash. What does the old man mean by saying Bran will fly? Will he become a three-eyed raven?

Tyrion escapes, as I thought he would. Sad that he kills Shae, despite so loving her. And then kills his father. Tywin really can try for dignity, despite being in such a difficult position, on the toilet with the son he sentenced to death pointing a crossbow at him. His death does not bode well for the Lannisters. A child is king, his parents are despised, the mines are dry, Stannis is growing in power, and Dorne will not be happy at Prince Oberyn's death so hopes of that alliance don't look good. Now Tyrion and Varys, two of the most intelligent figures in this regime have left, things look even worse. They are not the only ones leaving. Arya finally uses her coin. Will she find the Faceless Men? She still has names...

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