Friday, 6 March 2015

26th saw GOT S4 E5. Sansa gets to the Eyrie. Quite a reveal that Lyssa poisoned Jon Aryn, setting of the series. Littlefinger's manipulations have been happening for some time. Though even he seems surprised at the eagerness to marry. Quite creepy to have Bran control Hodor and kill Locke, unpleasant as they were. Poor Hodor. Sad that Bran was so close to his brother and had to leave without Jon seeing him. And Sansa has to listen to her aunt. Surprisingly amusing.

28th saw 3 eps. E6. The trial of Tyrion Lannister. Hardly surprising he gets so angry at the end. He has to sit through this farce and then Shae betrays him, spouting out a load of lies. Impressive speech, about how he wishes he had killed Joffrey and let Stannis kill the court, after how ungrateful they are. He claims he is on trial for being a dwarf. I could feel the Richard III connections. The world views him as a monster. So is he now going to become one? The Tyrells seem so unpleasant, leaving an innocent man to pay for Olenna's actions. Is questionable how much Tywin planned with Jaime, as he is quick to agree to their plan to spare Tyrion if he returns to Casterly Rock. Also it seems that Mycroft was started to play the game. Mark Gattis as a man from the Iron Bank. An oily but powerful character. Economics are quite important in politics.

South in Essos... I expect more goat-herds will be turning up to complain after Daenerys offers the payment. Now she realises ruling is not easy, having killed innocent Masters and knowing the war was not a simple good vs evil fight. She might have conquered but can she rule?

E7. Hardly surprising Tyrion has trouble finding a volunteer to fight the Mountain. Trial by combat is a problematic way of performing a trial. Though loved the talk about Jaime fighting and thinking of the look on Tywin's face if they got killed. Now Tyrion has another supporter. Oberyn Martell. It seems Cersei hated Tyrion since he was a baby, and even since then he has been thought of as a monster. Really emphasises his claim that for his whole life he's been on trial for being a dwarf.

Ending, with Lyssa getting pushed through the Moon-Door after Littlefinger told her he loved her sister, was hardly surprising. She was quite a weird woman. As for her son I find him quite creepy.

E8. Poor old Jorah, getting dismissed from Daenerys' service. How will Daenerys fare without him?

Again terrible luck for the Hound and Arya. Turning up just too late, as another of Arya's relatives dies. Her laugh was... weird. Is her sanity slipping?

Interesting story about the cousin who liked smashing beetles. Does this show how Tyrion views the world, like an idiot smashing beetles? Oberyn reminded me of Inigo Montoya, as he kept repeating the line while using bullfighting techniques. But it seems you can't always be dazzling and have to administer the killing blow when you have the chance. A single misstep from Oberyn and the most gruesome death of GOT so far, as the Mountain yells what he did to Oberyn's sister. At least the Mountain got badly hurt and Oberyn may have poisoned his blades. Also it seems the idea of an alliance with Dorne is in trouble now the ruler's brother has been killed by the Lannister's pyschopath. But what does this mean for Tyrion? What will Jaime do?

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