Monday, 16 November 2015

Found an excellent map of the World of Ice and Fire some time ago. But this is an especially useful map because u can see the paths the characters take. Simply click next to their name, and it shows their route. By moving the slider at the top along, which can be books or show, u see their route, and it marks where they meet the Many-Faced God. But another useful feature is u can set it to the constituency of Westeros and u can set it to the nobility. At the seat of various noble Houses u can thus see their sigil, and by hovering over the name of the House. These changes accordingly, at the beginning the Wolf Sigil is imposed in the North, then its a Kraken, then a Flayed Man. Riverrun is originally the Tully trout, now it is the Twin Towers of Frey. Meereen currently has a three-headed dragon sigil there. So, a brilliant map.

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