Thursday, 9 April 2015

Finished A Clash of Kings 5 days ago, on the 4th. Another great read. I liked the way the book started up by showing Stannis' court on Dragonstone, Stannis being an important but absent character in the first book. Davos' POV chapters were not the most interesting. I found Daenerys' scenes in the House of the Undying very interesting. Might this foreshadow later? Personally I do not think she is the Prince that is Promised or Azor Ahai, as that would be too obvious. Though the Dragon has three heads. Might it be three people? Might the Prince and AA be different people? Still thinking of Jon Snow being Ned's sister-son and son of Rhaegar. Reading this, though I like Tyrion, I have to question his morality in supporting Joffrey, a monster born of incest. Liked the scene where Joff cuts himself on the Iron Throne and one of Stannis' men says this shows the Iron Throne has rejected him and he is not the true King. I will begin A Storm of Swords after my exams.

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