Sunday, 8 February 2015

On the 1st saw GOT S3 E7, The Bear and the Maiden Fair. Jaimie really is becoming better. He goes back to save Brienne and jumps into the bear pit. Great scene between Joffrey and his Grandfather. Tywin walks right up to his sadistic grandson and towers over him. Joffrey may be King but it is clear who is in command. Arya is accepting that the only God is Death. Quite the Creepy Child. Exciting as she runs into the woods, only to be captured by the Hound.
When Theon was with the two girls he and the viewer seemed to know this probably wouldn't end well. Sure enough the Boy is back. But it seems even GOT has standards on what they can show.

4th saw E8. An episode of Second Sons. First the troops that come to help the Yellow City. Now Daenerys has more of an army. The Wedding of Tywin's second son Tyrion and Sansa. I suppose Tyrion is a better husband then his stepladder-stealing sister-son. It was quite nice seeing him say he won't consummate his marriage with Sansa until she wills it, despite the command of his father. I hope Tywin doesn't find out. Tyrion further looks awesome as he threatens Joffrey with a knife and then pretends to be acting out of drunkenness. Good scene between Stannis and Davos, on freeing Davos and whether Gendry should die. Stannis is one of my favourite characters. Gendry doesn't die. But the curse on the three other Kings is a great moment. How long will it take to work?
Awesome moment as Samwell destroys a White Walker with Chekhov's Knife. Though did he leave it behind?

7th saw E9. The Red Wedding was quite the wham, like the death of Robb's father. At least the Blackfish seems to have escaped. The Wedding was really well done. First Lord Frey seeming all right with the alliance, accepting the apology, saying he understands Robb. The joyous feast. Then The Rains of Castamere playing, a sinister moment, after which the slaughter began. Again I am reminded of the Nibelungenlied. But I heard this Nasty Party was based on The Black Dinner. Tyrion wasn't in this ep unfortunately, but Arya was. The Hound goes to rescue her so it seems he isn't all bad. And the Mother of Dragons has the Yellow City. What will the people think of her?

Today, 8th, saw Mhysa, end of S3. Again we see Tywin is in charge rather then Joffrey, whose evil even upsets his mother. The scenes between Tyrion and Tywin are great, Tywin saying he's doing this for family, Tyrion saying it's all for him, then hearing Tywin didn't kill him as a child because he was a Lannister. Poor Sansa, finding out of her brother's death. As for Shae don't think she has much longer to live, as she decides not to leave King;s Landing. Horrific scene in the dungeons of the Boltons, with Ramsay Snow eating the sausage. Boltons and Freys are unpleasant. I would love the Blackfish to kill one of those villainous Lords. Arya killing the Frey soldiers is an important moment. She is moving towards the worship of death. Stannis deciding to sacrifice his nephew to the Fire God is a significant moment. He will go to great lengths to get the throne, and feels the Kingdom is the most important thing. Davos and Melisandre seemed like angel and devil in that scene. Davos is a good character, so am wondering how much longer he will survive. Wonder where Gendry will end up. How fortunate for Davos that the Night's Watch needs the help of Stannis. Look forward to seeing this. Spectacular moment, with Daenerys winning the adoration of the freed people. Though I have heard the implications of that scene. What will happen in the next season, as she tries to be a Queen?

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